The Chemistry Education Study Program, the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education at the Universitas Sebelas Maret held a practicum assistant training for lectures in the February – July 2022 semester. The learning process, especially practicum in the February of July 2022 semester, will be carried out offline, taking into account the health protocol in accordance with the circular from the Rector Universitas Sebelas Maret. Before the practicum is carried out, the study program provides training to practicum assistants to provide an overview of the competencies that must be achieved in each practicum and safety during the practicum. in the semester of February – July 2022 there will be several practicum courses including:
1. Basic chemistry
2.Physical Chemistry
3. Spectrophotometry
5. Organic Chemistry

The training began with an introduction to work safety in the laboratory which was delivered by Dr. Suryadi Budi Utomo, M.Sc.
To minimize work accidents in the laboratory and what to do when a work accident occurs, it is very important that these skills be conveyed to the practicum assistant. After 2 years of practicum conducted online and starting to use the offline system, basic skills in using tools and skills in treating chemicals are very important. as stated by the head of the chemistry education study program, Dr.rer.nat Serimulyani, M.Si on basic lab engineering materials. The head of the study program also hopes that the system can provide knowledge related to basic lab techniques to course participants.