The challenges of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0 require graduates who have 21st-century skills, namely learning skills, literacy skills, and life skills. In line with the times, the chemical education study program is present to shape human resources into educators, researchers, and entrepreneurship. The need for educators in the field of chemical education who are responsive to technological advances is the main focus of the study program to improve the quality of education, especially in chemistry education. With the digitalization of technology, the study program is increasingly moving to welcome the changes that occur. Producing graduates ready to become researchers is an opportunity where the industrial world, both the education sector and the industrial sector, requires research and development to improve its quality. In addition, the industrial revolution is the basis for opportunities for the world of entrepreneurship, which opens up many opportunities and challenges; we prepare graduates to face these opportunities. Make our graduates ready to become entrepreneurs in the field of chemistry and chemical education.