Vision, Mission, and Goals


    “Become a study program with international reputation and contribute to the development of science and technology in chemistry education based on the noble values of national culture.”


    1. Organizing innovative education and learning based on the latest developments in the field of chemistry education;
    2. Carry out research and development that supports the implementation of chemistry education and learning, and publish it at the national and international levels;
    3. Organizing community service activities in the field of chemistry and chemical education to improve the quality of chemistry education and expand cooperation networks.

    Goals to be achieved:

    1. Produce graduates who are faithful and devoted to God, have noble personality, have global insight, have a high cumulative achievement index and are ready to become educators, researchers, or educational entrepreneurs with shorter waiting periods;
    2. Produce new development works that support the implementation of chemistry education and learning, as a basis for solving problems in society and for building a better life and disseminating it to achieve national and international recognition;
    3. Produce works of community service that are able to solve practical problems in the field of Chemistry Education, and increase collaboration networks in order to realize an internationally reputable study program.

    Company Profile