The best dominatrix specialists in LA.An Li

The best dominatrix specialists in LA.An Li

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Cybill Troy

Age: 30, pro-domme for: 9 years

Have you got a popular device/toy/machine/etc.?I’m a little bit of an equipment-junkie; my closets are filled with devices and implements of all of the types, but it would be my ErosTek 232 [a devious electrostimulation device]; it is by far the most versatile piece of equipment I own if I had to pick one.

Do you really find sexual joy into the part of dominatrix?Yes, yet not in the typical feeling. It is a lot more of a brain-orgasm.

What’s your own personal fetish?I’ve constantly identified being a dominant girl, very very long before I happened to be intimately mindful, it absolutely was simply whom I happened to be. (more…)